How often are you checking your phone during the day?

Are you checking it when you are with someone, too?

Recently I went to a road trip and forgot my phone at home.

It was great! I paid more attention to my surrounding and the people I interacted with.

Even if knew that I was without my phone, it happened a few times my hand went into my pocket.

What a crazy habit. A prison.

Without the phone you are more in the moment.

You don't need to be available all time!

Also it makes a better impression if you are with someone and give 100% of your attention to that person.

Imagine you are in nature walking, thinking about your ideas, plans AND then you get a text or Facebook notification, it takes you totally away from being in the moment.

I love WhatsApp and Facebook, but I don't want to be chained to it 24 hours!

It does more harm than good.

Try it, if you can, to switch the phone off for a few hours.

Can you?

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