David In Front Of The Camera (TRAILER)

As much I love being behind the camera, it also brings me joy to be in front of the camera. My life revolves around the camera. Or: the camera revolves around me!
After graduating (studied drama) in Los Angeles, I did not want to wait to have an acting opportunity and started filming my own stuff.
Doing my own scenes, I learned so much about writing, filming, lights, editing and acting. So hungry to know more and be better.
I filmed with professional actors and people without acting experience. Everyone can act with some directions and practice.
It is exciting to see how fast people can improve.
Everyone should try it! Why don't they offer it as a mandatory class in schools? With acting you learn a lot about life and yourself. It frees you!


What do you do if you travel to another continent and you wake up at 4am?



Aleman Pirata (Fake German) is what my Mexican Amigos call me.

For several reasons. But the number one reason is:

I can handle more spicy, hot food (Capsaicin) than Mexicans.

In Monterrey, Mexico - Sergio and I went to eat the most spicy tacos in town.
When we ordered Bicentenario, the most spicy taco, the waiter said: "I don't recommend it".


Dictionary: "a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group"

What image do you have in your mind when you think about the profession of a PHOTOGRAPHER?

Do you think what most people are thinking?


"Every photograph someone takes is also a type of self-portrait reflecting them,
because each contains information about the person who made it.
Its visual contents metaphorically represent what was important enough to the photographer's eyes
at that moment that they chose to freeze it permanently.
Even though they may well not be in that picture themselves,
every step of choosing where, when, who, how, and why to take any photograph
says as much about its creator as it does about the subject matter being recorded on film."​


Have you ever tried it? Wow!

So easy and effective!
Why didn't I listen to all those hippies who tried to convince me?


In my journey as photographer I have never liked the idea of "self portraits".


I know what a big impact photography on my life had.
So I want to experience all types of photography and see where the journey leads me next.

"Never love something so much that you can't let go of it."


In Mexico there are scales around downtown, so you can keep track of your weight! Which is a good idea, since there are so many temptations. So if you want to lose weight and thinking about that doughnut.. hop on the scale and the temptation will be gone. You will be 5 Pesos lighter but you will be proud of coming closer to your goal to lose weight. Genius idea! There should be scales close to temptations, around the world!

Obviously here in Mexico they are popular. This man was fixing a broken one. He and the scale have seen a lot of weight in their life. So an excellent photo opportunity to have them both in the same picture.​

Why Facebook?

On Facebook I saw a cover as a video. Wow - I fell in love!

So I spent many hours creating a video for my cover. When I wanted to upload it: SURPRISE ! "Video Covers" don't work on private pages. Only on fan pages. Why, Facebook? Whatever. 

Thank you, ? Sergio García for filming. You are an amazing drone pilot!


Always making sure your photo arrives safe!

? Sergio Garcia

Behind (Above) The Scenes

Video: Sergio Garcia