Feels comfortable and safe in your comfort zone, right?
But you are missing out!
"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone"
When I was younger I read many books on how to be more confident and fearless.
I knew a lot about this topic and could give seminars! But did it work? No, not for me.
But I wanted to be more confident and have less fear. So kept on researching.
Until I found the solution: you have to do the things which you are afraid of doing.
Simple, right. And it is!
I did several of the "comfort zone challenges".
The only thing uncomfortable is the thought about doing them.
I felt very nervous the moments before doing them.
Once I did them, I felt great! I felt free! And not nervous at all.
When you step out of your comfort zone, the zone gets bigger and bigger.
Things which seemed scary before now feel comfortable.
The only thing holding us back are our thoughts and its unpleasant feelings.
But you are not a victim. You can decide to take action despite those thoughts and feelings.
And it works.
Those exercises made me more confident and less afraid.
And they can improve your life as well!
Good luck and see you soon outside your comfort zone.

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