Some seek it, some not.

Those who seek it, look for it in meditation, travels, drugs, gurus, books or challenges.


I found it, without looking, in photography.


It combines all of the methods above!


- Having your camera in front of your face feels like: meditation

- The camera lets you explorer places, you wouldn’t usually visit: travel

- Looking for, and getting the right “moment”, the perfect shot makes super happy & that is addictive: drugs

- If you are an active photographer you meet many people, some of them inspire you: gurus

- Being in love with photography makes you curious about life and you experience what others only read about: books

- Photography is not about talent. It is more about practice and patience. Constantly improving: challenges.


So, enlightenment, which means for everyone something different, you may get by taking pictures. A lot of pictures.


For me photography, is compared to the movie Matrix – taking the blue pill.

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