We all know for our health it is best to let go.

Let go of the past.
Let go of "what might have been"
Let go of people who don't enrich our life and slow us down.
Let go of emotions.

How to let go?

I do it like that:
In the night when I do my daily walks, there is a place where is dark and you can see the stars very clear.
That is my "Happy Place". Only positivity allowed.
There I talk to the person I want to let go.
That person is not there. But I talk out loud, as if that person would be there.
Then I talk about what I am grateful for, the good and bad experiences.
I am happy and grateful for having met that person.

After that:
I wish from my heart all the best for that person.

That's it. This is how I let go.
There are no more bad feelings. No questions & no answers.
I let go.

A chapter closed.

And in the case if I remember that person one day:
I say quietly in my mind "Thank You".
And that person disappears.


Happy End.

"You prove your worth with your actions, not with ...