You know often in life what people do or not do, makes you wonder:
There is not always an explanation about people’s actions.
And sometimes people do strange things, because they are insecure or want to manipulate you.
It’s not about you. It’s about them. Whatever the truth is, I want to choose to believe the most positive version of a situation.
We don’t know the truth why people do what they do.
Sometimes we are even wrong with our assumptions about a situation.
Our brains tend to look more for the negative, to protect us.
But we have a choice!
Every time, we are faced with a situation, where we don’t know the truth behind someone’s action, we can choose the most positive explanation!
Better to think positive and be proven wrong.
Then to think negative and to be proven wrong.
That is a better protection! With that way of thinking, the insecurity of other people doesn’t infect us.
And if you always choose the most positive version of any situation, you take away the power of any manipulator.

A manipulator has power over you, if you are unsure and doubting.
If you think the most positive version of any action/inaction, you win.