Universe Bank

Surely you know this situation where you do favors for a person. Not because you gain something or expect anything. You do it, because you feel good about it.
When nothing comes back, you are fine.
But how do you feel, when you do many favors for a person and one day, you need their help.
You ask about a little favor. Much less than you did for them in the past.
And you get either silence, false promises & cancellations last minute.
How do you feel? Giving a lot and not getting something little back, when you need them?
It happens a lot, unfortunately.
Of course, there are many exceptions. You do favors and you get it back much more.
You get things in return, which you did not expect at all.
Those are people with character. They will be happy in life!
Those selfish people who only take, will never find true happiness.
What helps me is to think all the good favors you do, go into the “Universe Bank”.
You will get it back, plus interest. From someone other than the person you helped.

It is true!
Also, the “Universe Bank” works the other way around.
If you are selfish, take only credit, but don’t pay it back. You will be punished somehow.
Don’t mess with the “Universe Bank”. They can be worse than American Express.
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