I love learning. I do it every day, looking for information online.
Trying to find answers, trying to understand.

Learning brings me so much joy!

Since over a week I have a drone and have been practising daily.
Learning information is great. But even better is to get new abilities,
like flying a drone.

It is like walking. In the beginning you are nervous about the unknown.
But then step by step, you get better and more confident.

My dad has been observing every step I made with the drone.
He saw how happy it made me.

It’s contagious! He bought a drone, too. A small one.
Today it was his first flight.

There is joy in learning AND in teaching.
One week ago I had no idea about flying a drone.
And today I was teaching my dad!

It was a very special moment. My dad has been teaching me a lot.
Also he has witnessed my first steps walking.

Today I could give back and see how he made is first steps flying a drone.

In life we always learn. Maybe we are not aware of it, but we do.

Sometimes we learn by mistakes. But that is nothing bad.
There is no failure. There is no losing.

“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn.”



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