In more than 10 years of being in love with photography I have been taking at least 1 Million photos. At least! From all those photos I have around 5000 in my archive.

Never did I take pictures for memory.
But all of the photos let me remember those moments.

That picture you see I took in Santa Monica, California.
At that time I was studying acting.
I remember the moments before and after I took that picture, telling them to jump many times.
Once I got exactly that picture, I expressed loudly my joy.
But I don’t remember anything else what happened that day.

It’s like with many pictures!

If I don’t take new pictures, like in the recent time, I go through my archive to find something to post for my blog (and Facebook).

There is a lot of inspiration for articles and quotes.
This photo inspired me to write about memories.

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."

"Happy Fountains" under construction
Do you visualize?