Thank you!

This is the last photo of my camera.

Somebody took everything I owe.
All my photography equipment.
It took me years to have the equipment.
It took only a few minutes to lose it.

Even though it all happened, I never felt sad or angry.
Of course, it was the biggest shock in my life to enter the house and not seeing my computer, my camera, my lenses and the external hard drive of all my photos.

But I did not keep this emotion. Immediately I started to ask for help and investigate to find the thief.
The help I received was immense! In those difficult times you know who your real friends are.

I learned from a famous philosophy called “stoicism”, that we can’t have control on external events.
But we have full control on our inside, on how we react, feel and think.

I still have faith recovering my things: Thanks to my close friends and their connections, many people are involved in finding my equipment.

And even if I don’t get my things back, I know I can start over again.

Photography gave me so much in my life. It changed me, it connected me to amazing people, it made me happy and let me appreciate life more.

Photography had an impact on me and gave me a purpose in life. And nobody can steal that.

I don’t feel anger or sadness.

I feel gratitude that photography found me. And gratitude for the friends who helped me.

People can steal my things, but they can’t steal my happiness.

Even though I have nothing now, I feel I will reach my goals faster.

I am even more motivated now.

Soon I am going to write here, how this disaster helped me to reach my goals faster.

Thank you!

"After rain comes sunshine but behind the clouds t...
"Happiness is a direction, not a place."