Today my attention was drawn to this boy and girl. They were hugging for a long time. Then they talked, while the boy had his hands on the girl all the time. Hugging, talking and again hugging. I could not figure out if it was a hug of expressing love or support. Maybe something bad happened. I observed them a long time. I was fascinated by the strong emotion. It was so authentic. They didn't care and see who was watching or taking photos. The girl didn't have her hands on him. What was going on here?‚Äč


Today I got invited to fly. So I packed my suitcase and passport. Called an Uber and went to the airport. When I arrived I realized I won't fly anywhere..... BUT I - had an excellent BBQ - great conversations - got known to a new Amiga in Uber - got a nice tan (and red nose) - learned new things about flying I didn't leave the city but it felt like vacation! Thank you!


A long time ago I closed a dark chapter of my life. A chapter full of drama, pain, destruction & no future. After closing that chapter I withdraw myself. Until my dad gave me a small compact camera. That moment changed history, my history. I became curious about life. I went out to see the beauty around me. Through photography I learned to be more attentive, to leave the past behind and focus on the moment. Also the camera brought me where the action is. I felt so alive! Photography connected me to interesting people around the world. I want to decicated that post the photographers I met along my journey. Thank you for all those beautiful moments, walking together and looking for motives. Talking about life and technical stuff, inspiring and challenging each other. You play a part in my journey. You are in my photos and in my heart. Thank you.


How do you feel if you see a button and it says: "don't push it"? Doesn't a "DON'T!" make you feel more like a "DO"? When I walked by I and saw that sign I felt a strong urge to take a photo! Without the sign I would not have bothered. I did nothing wrong. The law says, that you can take pictures in public. While taking that picture I was on the street, so totally legal. After I took the picture I thought: "Maybe they shop who sells the dresses does it on purpose!" On purpose? Yes! Maybe they know about "Reverse Psychology". Or maybe not. However, it could be used as a strategy to get people to take photos of the store and to share it with others. I am sure this technique is used in marketing!


As a photographer I CHASE motives. Walking around, being very alert while having the finger on the release button of my camera. On that particular day the Mexican sun and hours of walking slowed me down. I drank an energy drink to recharge my batteries. I didn't work. I wanted to stop but also I did not "catch enough fish" to be satisfied. So I was looking for a good mix of background, light & shadows. I found the perfect setup! So I just stood there and waited for people entering my setup. No need to move and chase motives. The motives came to me! This applies to other areas in life as well. Sometimes you have to chase. But there are times where you search for to be "at the right time at the right place". Look for the opportunity and be patient (note to myself)!