From Darkness to Light

Drugs, alcohol, living with homeless people in a shelter, being in a drug rehab and a short time behind bars - all that as a teenager!

A long dark episode. And why? I had difficulties in school, problems learning. No success, my self-esteem suffered. This led me in circles with similar people. Being lost & seeking constant distraction and escape from reality.

No hope. Nothing helped me. I sank so deep and lost a lot. At some point I realized, if I continue, I also will lose my life. That moment at the bottom, the desire to live was so strong, that I left everything behind to start a new life.

But I was scared. What can I do with my life without graduation? How can I be happy without any substances & party? I was empty. To that time my dad gave me a small compact camera. This changed my life, as cheesy as it sounds, but that's how it was.

The camera lighted up my curiosity about life. I began to see the beauty around me.

david6Photography led me to be curious about life. Every day on the internet I educated myself about the world, psychology, philosophy. Every day until today! Through the camera, I connected to many wonderful people. I had so many unforgettable "photography strolls" with photographers. Not only opened the camera my eyes, it also opened the world for me. I was able to travel to many new place and build friendships with people from around the world. Through photography I got immersed deeply in the art world, which lead me to Hollywood to study acting.  It also brings me joy to teach people photography. My mission is to travel more, improve, build new connections and inspire people who are in the same situation, I was once, with my story!
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  • Svenja Hofert

    best selling author and business coach

    For me David's Mihalka's work significantly stand out among others and carries its own signature, offering instant recognition. My customers always approach me about his photos. Also a German TV station who filmed a documentary in my office mentioned the photos and asked where they could purchase them.

  • Marcel Hauri

    Software Engineer

    David is one ot these rare breed of artist who produce imaginative and eyce-catching photographs that show ordinary subjects from an intersting point of view.

  • Lucy Jodlowska

    Manager Non-Profit Organisation

    What captures his audiences, os the combination of David's effortless ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and capture striking, soulfuul subjects that to most people are underectable.


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