Happy Fountain Modern

In the center of the capital city, in front of the parliament house lies the square with 26 fountains, which each represent one of each counties of Switzerland. 2000 bath tubs full of water are pumped daily through the nozzles on the square. It shoots rhythmic, in sync and other times randomly. The water reaches different heights. At first soft, then at full power, going up to 7 meters, which makes the square appear foggy.

The water feature was build with the intention to upgrade the square so it wouldn’t appear so empty. Back then nobody could know that one day it would be the playground of the whole nation. Kids in bathing suits run around and through the fountains on warm sunny days. Even adults and dogs take part in the wet refreshment. Through the lively action and screams of joy one forgets momentarily their worries and is fully present. A kind of spontaneous, passive meditation.

Families, young people and tourists stand around the fountains. All smile in appreciation of each other. But the kids are ahead of the adults! They don’t know any barriers and get easily in touch with other kids. Very refreshing and inspiring.