Paper & Print

Testing all the fine art papers available by printing the same picture, I fell in love with the paper from the German company "Hahnemühle" (type: Baryta FB 350gsm). The company has been around over 400 years and is one of the top manufactures in the world. The paper is natural without chemicals and the high capacity to absorb the ink, gives the photo a satiny impression.

The fine art printer has 12 inks instead of the regular 3, which guarantees that the colors are as intended by the photographer. You see more detail in the darkest and brightest parts, than with a regular printer. The contrast is incredible – the photo looks dimensional!

The combination of printer and paper makes the print "museum quality" and give it a longevity of 200 years. Many generations after you will see the same colors, like you do. So you can rest in peace!