Doubt Kills

If you have a mission, sometimes you have feelings of doubt. You do and do and you don’t move forward.
You plant the seed, you water it every day with a lot of love. But nothing happens.

Even if you are confident in your abilities, it can happen that you have doubts.
Negativity creeps in and grows.

That happened to me in the last days. Today morning I made my coffee and went to check my emails.
Half awake, I read an email:

“You are one of finalists of the FFIEL 2019 photo competition in Leon!”

Wow, all doubts gone! The sky is clear again!

Doubt is dangerous. Doubt doesn’t help. Doubt steals your happiness.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

When doubts will come back in future, I am going to be busy working on my goals. So doubt will have no room in my head.

“Doubt can only be removed by action.”

Crazy Story!

Are you a strong believer that everything is a coincidence?

If you, are: be warned - this story could change your mind.

Rita and I went to a road trip and stopped in one of my most favorite places in the world: Death Valley in California.

Before the trip, Rita just finished a theater play: “Venus in Fur” (also a movie).
This information is important for the crazy story!

In the beginning of the play, Wanda (played by Rita) is going to an audition.
It is raining like crazy outside and she knocks at the door.
When the director opened the door, she says her name: Wanda.

Ok, back now to our story.
We were at the motel and I decided to get some candy and diet coke from the gas station.
It was a hot and dry day at the hottest place in the world.
I went to the gas station and took 2 diet coke bottles, one for Rita and one for me.
In the past there were some random names on the bottles. I did not look at the names.

I have been at least 10 times at this desert. Never have I experience rain.
But when I left the gas station, it started raining like crazy.
It was a short walk from the gas station to the motel, but I was soaked, like I jumped into a river.

I knocked at the door, Rita opened and I gave her one of the bottles and read the name on it: Wanda.
Rita got big eyes and seemed like she saw a ghost!

I went inside and she explained me the story and her character she just played back home.
We kept on talking about this experience for many hours.

And even if it happened years ago, we are still in awe what happened in the desert.

I believe that there are coincidences, but what happened is just unexplainable.
A wonderful story about that there are things in life, which we can’t explain.

We can just be touched by them & be grateful that they happen to us.

Don’t judge!

Except if you are in a jury…..

I was invited to be part of a jury of a talent show in Jalostotitlan, Mexiko.

What an experience!

Before I only knew being on the other side of the table, as an actor.
It was a challenge.

What impressed me more than talent was:

- confidence! sometimes younger people where more confident!
- being in the moment, something so rare, but beautiful to watch.
- and the passion, the joy someone had doing their presentation
- plus how they made you feel! It could be that someone played something,
with mistakes, but they made you feel!

Those attributes counted more in my judgment, than talent.

It’s not only about talent!

A new experience for me. I believe there are other areas in life where we put too much attention and neglect the other things.

You can be entertaining and enjoyable to watch with little talent.
And you can be boring even though you have talent.

Be confident, be in the moment, make others feel. Enjoy yourself!


You know those moments, when you think about someone and then BOOM you get a message!
Do you think it's coincidence?
Psychology has an explantion:
We remember all the times when we got a message/call after we thought about someone.
But we do not remember the many other times when we thought about that person and did not receive a message.
So we think, there is a connection.
That's what psychology says.
I believe most of the time this is true.
But sometimes I think there is more - something which we can't explain, but we can feel it.
On Saturday, out of the blue, I was thinking about a person with a strong positive feeling.
There was no trigger, that could have caused thinking about that person.
Suddendly the thought was there.
And a few minutes after - I received a message. I do not believe in that moment, that it was a coincidence. No way!
On top of that: the sender of the message was in a car and sent me a picture of the rain.
Guess what!
When I received the message, I was in a car, too - with rain. 10.000 kilometers away on another continent.
The only question is, who thought about the other person first. We will never know.

Life is incredible with all its mysteries!


It is fascinating how the human brain works. Today morning I read an email.
Reading those few words gave me a big load of happy feelings and I started screaming. Just by reading an email!

This photo got selected by a jury in Switzerland. It is in the top 20.

Tomorrow morning I am going to read that same email again!


Thank you, my love!

Today is a special day for me: International Day of Photography!

In a not so good time of my life, I got a little compact camera.
It was the best thing what happened to me. Incredible journey.

Thank you, for opening my eyes. I love you!



First official reaction to the book!

Helena bought the book in my online shop.
When she received the book, she wrote me a beautiful personal message and published a post on Facebook.
So much joy, heart and positivity!
Helena, thank you for your words. You are a fountain of joy!
May many others find joy through you!

Here the translation:

Yuhuuuuu! "Refreshment book" for the heart and soul arrived! I'm very curious. David Mihalka, did you hear my loud scream of joy, while unpacking?
Thank you for the wonderful surprise in the package. Amazing! It will be put on a special place.

Mission Possible

In Bern, Switzerland is one of the biggest and most important book stores in Switzerland: “Stauffacher”.

Just a few steps away from the “Happy Fountains”.
Since over 10 years I have been coming to that store looking at photo books.
I was new to photography when I discovered the fountains and that book store.
They are part of my journey, spending many hours at both places. In the book store I used to fantasize to have one day my book in that store as well. It was more like a day dream. I did not believe it would be possible.

But it is!

Now officially my new book “Happy Fountains” is in the book store “Stauffacher” ready to be taken home.

No matter how big your dream is. Don’t underestimate yourself!

Mission Possible.

Photography is dangerous!

The exhibition of the „Happy Fountains” is over. At least this one. The next exhibition is on its way.

One month I have been there to all opening hours (except one day) in order to talk to the visitors.
The experience was priceless! Guests asked a lot of questions and I got the chance to talk about the stories behind the photos and about my life.
What fascinated me, that some photos made people remember special moments of their life. Everybody saw something different.

There was also a lot of laughter of joy from the visitors. One woman, after finishing looking at all the 71 photos, was so moved, that she had tears in her eyes.

Photography is dangerous. It changed my life, like nothing else. In a good way of course.
Photography can move the viewer. It can bring back memories and cause any kind of emotion.

At the exhibition there was a guest book, where people could write down their thoughts.
If you have a moment, you can discover what an effect photography can have on people.

Thank you for all who took the time to visit the exhibition and shared their personal thoughts, memories and emotions.
You enrich my life and give me energy to continue!




Today I expressed very loudly my emotions when I got an email!

In Bern, Switzerland there is once a year a very important exhibition with the best photographers of Switzerland.
I recently applied to be one of them.
Today I got the confirmation!
My project “Happy Fountains” will be exhibited there this year.

Can’t wait to see the works of the other photographers there!

By the way, I got goose bumps reading that confirmation mail.



Details will follow soon!



You heard the phrase „If you work hard you can make your dreams come true.”
This not completely true. Working hard alone doesn’t do it.
Something important is missing!
If you have a goal, you need: persistence.
If times are rough and you are not moving forward: persistence.
If there are negative people smiling at you: persistence.
If you start doubting yourself and your plans: persistence.
You have to persist, persist, persist, persist and be patient.
Hard work + persistence + patience = SUCCESS
I went through all those walls, mentioned before, but I persisted.
Also let’s not forget, that whatever you want in life, you can’t do it alone!
Thank you all who supported me. You know who you are. It’s our success!
The “Happy Fountains” are under construction from February 20 to April 3, covered with a huge tent with my pictures, which I took over 10 years of kids (and sometimes adults) playing at the fountains on the “Bundesplatz” in Bern, Switzerland.
The fountains will resume on April 4. Can’t wait to come back with my camera!
Thank you, Manuel & Papo, for taking pictures for me. Once I am back on your continent, we will celebrate!


In more than 10 years of being in love with photography I have been taking at least 1 Million photos. At least! From all those photos I have around 5000 in my archive.

Never did I take pictures for memory.
But all of the photos let me remember those moments.

That picture you see I took in Santa Monica, California.
At that time I was studying acting.
I remember the moments before and after I took that picture, telling them to jump many times.
Once I got exactly that picture, I expressed loudly my joy.
But I don’t remember anything else what happened that day.

It’s like with many pictures!

If I don’t take new pictures, like in the recent time, I go through my archive to find something to post for my blog (and Facebook).

There is a lot of inspiration for articles and quotes.
This photo inspired me to write about memories.

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past."

Don‘t be a FOOL !

Just came home from my daily walk in the night.

Something happened.

In front of me was a young girl walking and dancing with headphones on.

As I passed her by she got scared and said: “YOU scared me!”

I just laughed! I was about to say “I’m sorry” – but I didn’t.

Just kept on laughing. It is not my fault that she got scared.

It is very dangerous walking around at night with headphones on.

Especially if you are a young and pretty girl.

Some asshole could come from behind and make her unconscious in less than 20 seconds.

Very easy, if you know how.


I hope she learned her lesson and won’t walk around with headphones at night anymore.



Do you think you have control over falling in love?

I don’t know about you….. but I don’t have any control.


10 years ago, I was on a mission to discover Bern, Switzerland.

Getting known to the city and taking pictures.


The photo is one of the first photos of the “Happy Fountains”.

Back then I fell in love. No control.


It turned out to be a long relationship!

10 years, 170.000 photos, 250h observing and many hours editing.


That relationship gave me so much joy and excitement.

And even it has been 10 years now, it seems falling out of love seems impossible!

Don’t be the painting - Be the painter!

…..those thoughts came into my mind while taking pictures of the lunar eclipse.
Meaning: Don’t wait until something happens - Make it happen!
Eclipse, it's exciting. What a feeling! So strange.
For pictures: boring.

The next day you see all over the internet a photo of a red moon.
They look all the same, mostly. So….. I made my own version of the eclipse.

I was so happy when that plane came into my frame.
Must have been an amazing view up there.


Today I signed up for the gym. Again.
Many years I have been “dreaming” to get a perfect body.
A few times, it seemed I am getting there.
But you know….. “only an exception, just one” or “tomorrow I will go”
Those exceptions turned into habits. The worst one is “tomorrow”. There is no f**king tomorrow!
Either you DREAM or you DO.

There are many reasons I want a perfect body.
Not only you look and feel better, but also you get healthier on the way to your goal.
But the best of all is:

To look in the mirror and say: I beat you David, I won!
The biggest battle in your life, is the one with yourself.

If you can win against yourself, you can achieve anything!


What is the secret to success?
Talent, intelligence, hard work, luck and connections?

Those things are a great setup. A guaranty for success?
Something is missing. The most important:

Did you ever think that you could break a glass with a small dice?
Me neither.
I threw those dices many times in the glass.
After 20 times it broke.

I threw it few more times. More damage.


Such small dices can break a glass!

How? With persistence.

You are that small dice.
And you can make the impossible, possible.

By being persistent.


What do you do when your milk is expired?
Throw it away?

Who wants to come with me?

That’s what I thought when I went to take pictures of my boat.
Fantasizing about who would come with me on a trip.
AND then: After a few shots, I noticed: there is a passenger!
Wow! I positioned the boat at different places to get the best shot.
The passenger did not move. Probably the insect enjoyed the ride.
So, I left the boat there.

Bon Voyage my friend!


Cutting grass:

- Germany: tools, machines (small or big) & cleaning up the left overs
- Mexico: gasoline, fire - burn it!

That’s genius!

Less tools, less time & less work.

Work smart, not hard!