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You have an option!

Every day there are many opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended. But what you're doing when you let these negative emotions in, is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose to not let little things upset you.



A friend of mine wrote those words o my note board in the kitchen.

I have been thinking about her words.
And now it came to me!
Happiness is an action, a decision!
“Be” means to take action!

Happiness can be constructed!
You don’t have to wait to get it from something or someone!

Now I wrote on my board:

“Today is going to be the best day of my life.”



Every human sees life and situations different.
We experience what is right in front of us with a filter.
Also, what we see takes time to get to our brain.
It’s very fast, but still there is a delay.
What we see in front of us is actually the past.
So then how can reality exist?
We see everything through a filter and delayed.

It’s a distortion.

So how can reality exist if we can’t experience it?


You know often in life what people do or not do, makes you wonder:
There is not always an explanation about people’s actions.
And sometimes people do strange things, because they are insecure or want to manipulate you.
It’s not about you. It’s about them. Whatever the truth is, I want to choose to believe the most positive version of a situation.
We don’t know the truth why people do what they do.
Sometimes we are even wrong with our assumptions about a situation.
Our brains tend to look more for the negative, to protect us.
But we have a choice!
Every time, we are faced with a situation, where we don’t know the truth behind someone’s action, we can choose the most positive explanation!
Better to think positive and be proven wrong.
Then to think negative and to be proven wrong.
That is a better protection! With that way of thinking, the insecurity of other people doesn’t infect us.
And if you always choose the most positive version of any situation, you take away the power of any manipulator.

A manipulator has power over you, if you are unsure and doubting.
If you think the most positive version of any action/inaction, you win.


They are fascianating!
Everything you see was build with hands.
Even if they used machines, still they were operated by hands.
Hands can do good and also bad.
They just follow orders from your brain.
People communicate with hands, writing messages.

So fascinating!

High 5!

“In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.”

Believe - what does that mean?

According to the dictionary it is “confidence in something even without proof.”
You believe that the sun will rise again tomorrow, don’t you?
Even without evidence - we know the next beautiful sunrise is waiting for us.
That same strong belief we need for our plans.

Believe, take action and your plans come true!


How often are you checking your phone during the day?

Are you checking it when you are with someone, too?

Recently I went to a road trip and forgot my phone at home.

It was great! I paid more attention to my surrounding and the people I interacted with.

Even if knew that I was without my phone, it happened a few times my hand went into my pocket.

What a crazy habit. A prison.

Without the phone you are more in the moment.

You don't need to be available all time!

Also it makes a better impression if you are with someone and give 100% of your attention to that person.

Imagine you are in nature walking, thinking about your ideas, plans AND then you get a text or Facebook notification, it takes you totally away from being in the moment.

I love WhatsApp and Facebook, but I don't want to be chained to it 24 hours!

It does more harm than good.

Try it, if you can, to switch the phone off for a few hours.

Can you?


We all know for our health it is best to let go.

Let go of the past.
Let go of "what might have been"
Let go of people who don't enrich our life and slow us down.
Let go of emotions.

How to let go?

I do it like that:
In the night when I do my daily walks, there is a place where is dark and you can see the stars very clear.
That is my "Happy Place". Only positivity allowed.
There I talk to the person I want to let go.
That person is not there. But I talk out loud, as if that person would be there.
Then I talk about what I am grateful for, the good and bad experiences.
I am happy and grateful for having met that person.

After that:
I wish from my heart all the best for that person.

That's it. This is how I let go.
There are no more bad feelings. No questions & no answers.
I let go.

A chapter closed.

And in the case if I remember that person one day:
I say quietly in my mind "Thank You".
And that person disappears.


Happy End.


„Regretting time is even more wasted time" says the tattoo on Diana's leg.

Regret is not helping us.
Our life experiences shape us, good and bad.
We learn. And we avoid repeating same bad experiences.

One day I was tortured with regrets about my life.
Then asked myself: "Are you happy with your life and who you are?" – YES!
So, I made the right decisions.

Regretting things, you have NOT DONE is even worse.

So, DO & take ACTION, collect more experiences (good & bad) and take risks, so your future self does not regret anything.


How do you deal with negativity, jealousy, criticism, insults and accusations of people?


If someone wants to give you a present and you kindly don't accept it - what happens to the present?
The present stays with that person.

Words have energy. The whole universe is full of energy.
If you don't react the energy stays with that person.

Like a mirror. Which bounces back the light.

You don't have to react, answer, explain or defend yourself.

Stay positive, be aware and guard yourself of negativity!

"I wasn't really naked. I simply didn't have any clothes on."

Kids don't have shame. They scream, dance and show their feelings.

They connect easily with other kids. They say what they desire.
They are impulsive and playful.

We adults have shame, act serious and hide our feelings.
We struggle to make new connections. We don't talk about our desires.
We are very analytical and overly protective.


We learned it.

But we can un-learn it!

Kids learn from adults. Can't adults learn from kids?

How would the world look like if the adults would be more like kids?


I used to have many dreams. Not anymore!

Dreams are fiction and for the night.
I used to dream to do sensual artistic photos.
But it was just a dream. What I did do to make it happen?
I decided to have PLANS instead of dreams.
Plans are real.
So I started to tell my friends about my plans.
And everything changed.

Dreams for the night.
Plans for the day.


What is confidence?

Is it to be always strong from the inside and outside?


The word "confidence" means "to trust"

To trust in oneself!
To take a step into the unknown. To take a risk.
To trust, no matter what happens, I can handle it.

That is confidence. To trust yourself.

How much do you trust yourself?


How do you think about LUCK?

I used to think, LUCK is something just happens - I have no control.

Today I realized: LUCK depends on YOU!

This golden pillow with it's reflections inspired to pull out my camera.

DESIRE: I wanted to take a creative photo which will make me happy
PLANNING: Where I can take a photo now in my house?
OPPORTUNITY: I found a good location with perfect light conditions
ACTION: I throw the dice many many times
PATIENCE: It took me many attempts to get the right shot

ALL those things made LUCK happen!

You have to desire, plan, find an opportunity, take action and be patient.
LUCK will come to YOU!




You can have anything you want.

You can have more and more of anything you want.
But there is one thing you can't have more of: TIME.

This picture was taken a long time ago.
In the beginning of my journey as a photographer.

Wow, time moves very fast. We don't notice, maybe because we don't want to think about our limitations?

I want to make myself aware that my time is less each day.
It sounds sad, but it will force me to be aware not to waste time.

And use it the best way possible, the most valuable, irreplaceable thing called TIME.


We all have them. Some more some less.

We protect ourselves from being hurt.
We hide our weakness, hide our fears. We hide our feelings.
BUT WE ALL have weakness, fears and feelings. WE ALL DO!
I noticed if I put down my walls, the other person is putting their walls down as well.
And that is beautiful.
We are strong by being vulnerable by choice.
Of course, it can happen that we get hurt.
But pain is only temporarily. And it is worth it.
Because walls keep away not only the bad things but also keep away the good things.

Lower your walls and people around you will do the same.
And that is beautiful!


"Every photograph someone takes is also a type of self-portrait reflecting them, because each contains information about the person who made it. Its visual contents metaphorically represent what was important enough to the photographer's eyes at that moment that they chose to freeze it permanently. Even though they may well not be in that picture themselves, every step of choosing where, when, who, how, and why to take any photograph says as much about its creator as it does about the subject matter being recorded on film."


"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."

We see with our eyes, yes.
Looking at the same thing, everybody sees and feels something different.
People take vitamins and get glasses, to see better.
Taking care of your eyes makes you see things sharper, in focus.
Does it help you to "see more" and to see things differetnly? No!
The eyes are a tool, but you see with your brain and imagination!
We can train the imagaination! How? Look at the kids, they show you how.
That's not so difficult.
The hard part is to look at things, people and yourself with a different perspective.
We have to have courage and awareness to leave behind our old picture of things, people and ourself.
And create a new picture!

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."


First leaves are falling from the trees.
Down they go, the hot degrees.
Summer is slowly walking away.
But the memories stay.
It was a fantastic time.
I'm done with the rhyme.

Thank you very much sun!
See you soon for more fun!


"I am too old. It's too late"
Many people say that!

If you believe that, ok. Keep everything as it is. Everything is ok in your life? Then keep on believing it.
If you need some motivation! Be open to the story of "Ray Croc".
He was a sales man most of his life. Average, not very successful.
Until the age of 62, where he met two brothers of a family owned restaurant.
He saw a lot of potential in that business. Roc helped to improve the restaurant with his ideas.
The restaurant got more successful day by day!
Roc wanted to expand and be bigger. But the brothers weren't so enthusiastic about progress.
So Roc Croc went his own way and became the founder of the multibillion company Mc Donald's!

He started to build one of the biggest empires with 62! With almost no money.

It's never too late.

There is also a movie about his story.
If you really interested to improve your life, you will find the name of the movie.
And in the end of the movie, he tells his secret. It's one word.​