Bad World?

The people who read the news might think that we live in a bad and dangerous world.

The bad is only a small percentage!

Today I went out to take part pictures.
Out of nowhere a dog came and attacked me.
I was shocked when his teeth went into my leg.
I screamed "hey" and was ready to pour my hot coffee on the dog. But he got scared and left.

A family who lives close saw the whole thing and offered me help.

They took me to their house.
I could wash my wound.
The father of the family put something to desinfect it and also wrapped my leg with band aid.

What an experience!

They also gave me some liquid for later, to heal the skin.

The world is good!

There are many people with a big heart.

I was lucky to have met Adrián and Cecy.

Thank you for helping me in that bad situation.

You help people believe that the world is good.

Thank you!

"It’s amazing how the world begins to change throu...
"Our patience will achieve more than our force."