Crazy Story!

Are you a strong believer that everything is a coincidence?

If you, are: be warned - this story could change your mind.

Rita and I went to a road trip and stopped in one of my most favorite places in the world: Death Valley in California.

Before the trip, Rita just finished a theater play: “Venus in Fur” (also a movie).
This information is important for the crazy story!

In the beginning of the play, Wanda (played by Rita) is going to an audition.
It is raining like crazy outside and she knocks at the door.
When the director opened the door, she says her name: Wanda.

Ok, back now to our story.
We were at the motel and I decided to get some candy and diet coke from the gas station.
It was a hot and dry day at the hottest place in the world.
I went to the gas station and took 2 diet coke bottles, one for Rita and one for me.
In the past there were some random names on the bottles. I did not look at the names.

I have been at least 10 times at this desert. Never have I experience rain.
But when I left the gas station, it started raining like crazy.
It was a short walk from the gas station to the motel, but I was soaked, like I jumped into a river.

I knocked at the door, Rita opened and I gave her one of the bottles and read the name on it: Wanda.
Rita got big eyes and seemed like she saw a ghost!

I went inside and she explained me the story and her character she just played back home.
We kept on talking about this experience for many hours.

And even if it happened years ago, we are still in awe what happened in the desert.

I believe that there are coincidences, but what happened is just unexplainable.
A wonderful story about that there are things in life, which we can’t explain.

We can just be touched by them & be grateful that they happen to us.

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