Positive reaction!

A new review about the book "Happy Fountains" appeared. Thank you very much!

That I can call an illustrated book valuable, 

for me personally, some criteria have to be met. As with everything, what matters is the content, not the packaging, even if good packaging can further underline the content. It doesn't work the other way around! This book is therefore worth a good review for me. The pictures show professionalism, they tell something about the originality, inventiveness and courage of the young photographer that supposedly present the inconspicuous and ordinary as something very special and wonderful. So far, his view of reality is really unique and worthy of the precise perception! That is the highest art of discovering the so-called everyday normality as something completely new and original. Isn't that the real task of art? The texts that accompany the pictures open up another level, namely the genuine joy, especially of the children, who are enthusiastic about the simplest things in life. The artist asks us all if we don't want to treat the inner child within us to this joy and spontaneity by standing still, losing ourselves, deliberately forgetting the world around us and allow childish joy in the depths of our hearts and soul. My clear recommendation is for people who want to please all the senses, not just the eye, who are looking for a new perspective on reality and enriching inspiration at the same time.

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see...
"Don't go through life, grow through life."