"Südkurier" a German newspaper, visited the exhibition of the "Happy Fountains" and wrote an article.

Thank you, Jürgen Scharf for your impressions.




A reporter from the German newspaper "Badische Zeitung" visited the exhibition of the "Happy Fountains" and wrote an article.

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"Happy Fountains" in "Badische Zeitung", a newspaper in Germany.


The next exhibition is soon!
In Bad Säckingen, Germany - close to the border of Switzerland.
By car:
30 minutes from Basel
45 minutes from Zurich
80 minutes from Bern
See you there!

The "Happy Fountains" are back!

Spring finally arrived and the winter break and construction (renovation) of the fountains is over.

The fountains are active again and waiting to make many kids, adults and even dogs happy!

On a warm sunny day, come to the "Bundesplatz" in Bern, Switzerland.


The city of Bern is using the photos of the "Happy Fountains" in a post on Instagram.


Special Exhibition

"Happy Fountains" at the "Werkschau Bern".
Every year the top 40 photographers of Switzerland are chosen for a special exhibition.
This year the "Happy Fountains" are part of it.

You can visit the exhibition in "Kornhausforum" - Bern, Switzerland.
From August 29 - September 1
More info:
See you there!


In "Bärn!"


"Happy Fountains" under construction

The water feature (Bern, Bundesplatz) will be renovated and will be covered with a tent from: 20.3 to 3.4 2019.

The fountains are expected to return to action on April 4th!

The drainage gutters are being renovated & the light band is being renewed.

The tent with the pictures of the water feature can be visited daily.

Good opportunities to see the pictures of the water feature at the tent:

- "Berner Wochenmärit" on Tuesdays and Saturdays
- Fasnacht: – 7 9.3.2019
- Museum Night: 22.3.2019

Thank you, Laszlo Mihalka for the photo!


In Aguascalientes, Mexico.


A photo (the one at the bottom) from the series "Happy Fountains" won "special prize Energy Water Bern" - BÄRN! BLOG


"Happy Fountains" on Ron Orp BERN.


"Happy Fountains" on "I love BERN".


"Happy Fountains" in "Luzerner Zeitung", a newspaper from Lucerne, Switzerland. 


Depending how you hold the prism in front of your lens, it gives you every time an unique effect.


A photo from my series: "Happy Fountains" won 70th place out of 3000 submissions at the "photo18 Zürich" photo competition.