Lost Signal

Today I went walking with my dad in nature.

We knew that there is an old castle somewhere hidden in the forest.

Our plan is to hike there soon. So today I flew the drone, looking for it. I went far. But I found it!

While flying down to take some pictures, the signal got lost.

There was an error message: “Aircraft disconnected”. What a shock!

No communication. I thought it might be lost. It never happened before! The drone has an emergency system. If it loses the signal, it will fly back to where it started. It only works, if you go mentally over a “check list” before the flight, which every pilot should do.

This check list includes: making sure, the drone has registered the starting position, it has GPS connection and a good calibrated compass.

In the moment of disconnection, even though I was totally frozen, I remembered that I did my preparation.

And after a while the signal came back while the drone flew back to me.

I was so happy! And I appreciated my drone even more.

The signal was not lost. It was only disconnected.

Lessons learned. Never fly so far, that you can’t see your drone. But I knew that before….

“Knowing is not enough; We must apply. Willing is not enough; We must do.”

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