The dictionary says "anything that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown".

I am very drawn to photos of people where you don't see the face. Also any type of photo where you have to stop and think "what's going on here?"

I can't explain why "incognito" portraits are so attractive to me.
It remains a mystery.....


Depending how you hold the prism in front of your lens, it gives you every time an unique effect.


What does that word mean?

The dictionary says: "having the quality or power of creating."

Anyone can create, so anyone can be creative.
Sometimes the mind is blank and needs some spice!
What I did is to take some ordinary object in one hand and the camera in the other. No more blank. My mind was on fire!


A photo from my series: "Happy Fountains" won 70th place out of 3000 submissions at the "photo18 Zürich" photo competition.

"Never love something so much that you can't let go of it."


In Mexico there are scales around downtown, so you can keep track of your weight! Which is a good idea, since there are so many temptations. So if you want to lose weight and thinking about that doughnut.. hop on the scale and the temptation will be gone. You will be 5 Pesos lighter but you will be proud of coming closer to your goal to lose weight. Genius idea! There should be scales close to temptations, around the world!

Obviously here in Mexico they are popular. This man was fixing a broken one. He and the scale have seen a lot of weight in their life. So an excellent photo opportunity to have them both in the same picture.​

Why Facebook?

On Facebook I saw a cover as a video. Wow - I fell in love!

So I spent many hours creating a video for my cover. When I wanted to upload it: SURPRISE ! "Video Covers" don't work on private pages. Only on fan pages. Why, Facebook? Whatever. 

Thank you, ? Sergio García for filming. You are an amazing drone pilot!


Always making sure your photo arrives safe!

? Sergio Garcia

Behind (Above) The Scenes

Video: Sergio Garcia