"Thinking will not overcome fear but action will."


“Learn to recognize good luck when it’s waving at you, hoping to get your attention.”




"Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you'll see them all around you."


“You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts.”


“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.”


“Every life is a canvas and every interaction is a brush, therefore we’d be wise to consider how we handle the paint.”


"Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness."


First time!

My book „Happy Fountains“ just received the first review on Amazon!

Translation of the review:

“A refreshing book with beautiful vivid photos. Very good paper quality, haptic very pleasant.
In short bilingual text passages, the author shares his experiences as a photographer.
When you get involved and focus, the photos suddenly become audible and feelable!
Changing perspectives: With simple, positive perspectives, the author provides fresh thoughts.
His questions inspire, prompt reflection and encourage you to try it out...
To try out more lightness and rediscover the INNER CHILD in ourselves!
A great thing that is simply not enough in our modern world )A great gift for all ages!”


Half full or half empty?

You probably heard about this philosophical question!

I say it is the wrong question.

If you believe it is half empty, you feel it is not enough and you are worried it might be even less.

If you believe it is half full, you are optimistic it will be full one day. But still: you feel it is not enough.

What is the glass anyway? Maybe your expectations?

Instead of seeing something as “half”, change the glass.

Take a smaller glass and you will have a full glass.

Then there is no more question.

It is full!

No more questions. No more “not enough”.

Take even a smaller glass, you still feel “full” and at the same time you have something to share, so somebody else can feel “full” as well.

You then can feel complete and even more than that, because you shared and made somebody happy.


"We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey."


“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future - it is something you design for the present.”


"There's a victory in letting go of your expectations."


"Every thought we think is creating our future."


Radio Interview

Are you having a bad day?
Watch this video and you will be in a better mood!
I was interviewed by a Mexican radio.
We had some difficulties….
See the best moments from the “behind the scenes”.

Thank you!

I sent the book "Happy Fountains" to an important politician in Switzerland.
And I got an answer, which made me very happy. Thank you!


"The delivery of your wonderful photo book “Happy Fountains” brought me joy.
I found the photos as well the accompanying texts inspiring.
The play with the light results in a special effect and through it grants the viewer a new view on the known place in Bern.
When I look at the photos on a hot day, I can feel the refreshment of the cool water. Thank you very much."

"The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret to freedom is courage."


Only in Mexico

It has been raining for days. So, I built a boat, just in case.


As I went outside to take pictures of my boat, something surreal happened!


Cows appeared! In a residential area!




The cows were curious about my boat.

They smelled it, licked it and even pushed it.


Everybody was surprised.

The cows about my boat. And I about the cows.


Mexico, a country full of surprises.

„Imagination is more important than knowledge.”



Shop windows, mannequins, sexy underwear & someone doing something next to the mannequins: I love that setup!

I was taking pictures of the mannequins when a young girl (working there) showed me the middle finger with an angry face.

I was laughing so hard, that the following pictures were all blurry.
While laughing I checked, if a got that beautiful moment.
Yes, I got it!
I showed the girl the finger as well, but the thumb up: and said: THANK YOU!

Afterwards I got inspired:

In future, if people want to provoke me, criticize me, play games, try to make me jealous or start to fight with me:
I will smile and inside myself I will say: Thank you, I don't want your negative energy in my system.

And I'll keep on walking.

"Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it."